NBA Betting Strategy 11.9.22

For those of you that are following along, we are currently 8-7-1 on the season so far in the NBA using a simple betting strategy that we have developed as we watch injury news and attack at the right time. Again, there is data collecting, stats to look at, trends to research, or anything of that nature. We are simply going against the market move upon injury news of key players. Let's dig in to today as we have for spots that we will be applying the strategy.

Published on November 9, 2022. 7:18pm CST

Orlando Magic vs. Dallas Mavericks

Current line where Paolo Banchero is questionable for tonight's game is Magic +7. Paolo Banchero announced OUT - line moves to Magic +8.5

  • Pick - Magic +8.5

  • Result - WIN

  • A great start to the day with our betting strategy being an outright underdog winner 94 - 87. Market over reaction gave us an easy cover and win.

Atlanta Hawks vs. Utah Jazz

Current line where Trae Young is questionable for tonight's game is Hawks -3.5. Trae Young announced IN - line moves to Hawks -5

  • Pick - Jazz +5

  • Result - WIN

  • Jazz win outright as underdogs 125 - 119. Another clear market over reaction as the Hawks became a larger favorite with injury news and it did not matter.

Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Milwaukee Bucks

Current line where Jrue Holiday was questionable and Giannis Antetokounmpo was probable for tonight's game is Bucks -5.5. Jrue Holiday and Giannis Antetokounmpo announced OUT - line moves to Bucks -2

  • Pick - Bucks -2

  • Result - WIN

  • The market was almost spot on with line movement here, however, there was a bit too much over reaction as the Bucks win by 4. 136 - 132

Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Phoenix Suns

Current line where Chris Paul was questionable for tonight's game is Suns -1.5. Chris Paul announced OUT - line moves to Suns +2

  • Pick - Suns +2

  • Result - WIN

  • Suns win outright and even cover the small number as favorites 129 - 117. Another great example of market overreaction.

Today ended in a very successful day as we sweep the board and go 4-0 in fading the market overreaction. With collecting more and more data of this betting strategy, we are proving to have found a winning edge over the past couple of weeks. Plans are to continue fading the market over reaction for key NBA player injuries. We must remember not to force any play and only stick to this strategy even if there is no line movement at announcement of a players injury status. Sometimes the injury is already worked in to the line in a few games which is why we target the NBA games where the players are truly a questionable call to play for that night.

Season Record: 12 - 7 - 1

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