NBA Betting Strategy 11.7.22

Updated: Nov 9

For those that are new to this betting strategy that we are testing out, let me explain again how this works and the progress we have made using this strategy. Many people will view stats and trends to bet the NBA which is great, however, there may be an easy way to bet the NBA that does not require any of that, but rather just paying attention to the injury reports and striking when the time is right. For example, key NBA players will move the current odds of a game by anywhere from a half point to a point or even two points depending on who the player is. In the morning, we check where the line is currently sitting for the games where a key player is truly questionable to play that night as the injury has not been worked into the line yet. We then track the injury status throughout the day of said player or players, and once a report comes out whether that player is in or out for the game, we bet the other way of the market move (line adjustment). Below is our list for games that will have the strategy deployed for Monday to record our strategy.

Published on November 7, 2022. 7:22am CST


Atlanta Hawks vs. Milwaukee Bucks

Current line where Trae Young is questionable for tonight's game is Bucks - 3. Trae Young announced OUT - line moves to Bucks -4.5

  • Pick - Hawks +4.5

  • Result - WIN

  • Hawks win outright 117 - 98 and cover as underdogs with either number.

Miami Heat vs. Portland Trailblazers

Current line where Damian Lillard is questionable for tonight's game is Heat -7. Damian Lillard announced IN - line moves to Heat -6

  • Pick - Heat -6

  • Result - LOSS

  • Market reacted accordingly as the Blazers win outright 110 - 107

Utah Jazz vs. Los Angeles Lakers

Current line where Lebron James is questionable for tonight's game is Jazz -5. Lebron James announced OUT - line moves to Jazz -7

  • Pick - Lakers +7

  • Result - LOSS

  • Another situation where the market reacted accordingly as the Jazz win and cover any number 139 - 116

What we saw today was that the market was correct in their line adjustments when the injury news came out. Had we gone with the Pacers and the Kings after seeing that Zion was in as was Steph Curry, we would have had a successful night. However, the market did not adjust the line at time of injury news so we did not end up playing those two games. As stated, we are attacking when the market moves at injury news as we fade the market movement.

Season Record: 8 - 7 - 1

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