NBA Betting Strategy 11.15.22

With our NBA betting strategy in full effect, we are currently 17-10-2 which is good for a 59% win rate. After tonight we will look to increase that and reach our goal of over 60% for the season. Reminder, we are watching injury news at key injuries and going AGAINST the market move to get a better number. We have to be quick when the news comes out and be able to react right away as the numbers may tend to move quickly.

New Orleans Pelicans vs. Memphis Grizzlies

Morning line where Zion Williamson was questionable was Pelicans -2.5. Zion Williamson announced OUT - line moves from -3.5 down to -2.

  • Pick - Pelicans -2

  • Result - WIN

  • With a whole 1.5 line move, the market clearly over reacted and the public bought in as the Pelicans win 113 - 102 and cover any number.

Utah Jazz vs. New York Knicks

Morning line where Mitchell Robinson was questionable was Knicks +4. Mitchell Robinson announced OUT - line moves Knicks +5. A bit late on the news so we get a different number

  • Pick - Knicks +4.5

  • Result - WIN

  • Another small market over reaction here as the line did not move too much, but enough to cause an over reaction as the Knicks win outright 118 -111 and cover any number.

We get a sweep in the NBA on a small card and go 2-0 as we only play the games that fall into our lap and not force any action that isn't there. I like to reiterate, that we are only playing against the line moves with this betting strategy, so if a line move does not take place or has already happened before the news because it was worked into the line, then we will not take it. We are now back up to a 61% win rate with this strategy and will continue to bet with our usual 1 unit bet sizing until further notice.

Season Record: 19 - 10 - 2

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