NBA Betting Strategy 11.13.22

With very little unknown injuries on the NBA board today, we only had one game on our slate that would fit into our betting strategy criteria. Unfortunately that's the way the strategy works, but we will not be getting away from that as there are some days where we have multiple injuries and are able to fire away at a lot of NBA action. Reminder, all bets are recommended of only 1 unit size per game. This will help with bankroll management and be able to offset the days that do become losing days. Lastly, this strategy is not 100% guaranteed at it is hitting at a 60% rate which over the long term is a winning bettor.

Published on November 13, 2022. 9:12pm CST

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Minnesota Timberwolves

Morning line where Donovan Mitchell and Jarret Allen were questionable was Cavaliers -5. Donovan Mitchell and Jarret Allen announced OUT - line moves to Cavaliers -1.

  • Pick - Cavaliers -1

  • Result - LOSS

  • The Cavaliers were put in a hole early and made a late push but just not enough as they lose outright 129 - 124.

Unfortunately for the only game that we had on our slate today was a loss. Cavaliers dug themselves into a hole early and surged late in the 4th but could not overcome the deficit. We move forward and look at tomorrow as we already have a few injuries that we will be monitoring.

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