NBA Betting Strategy 11.12.22

Today was a tricky day as we had some surprise injuries as well as late additions and a lot of moving parts which kept us off a few games but playing others. One thing we got away from today was the addition of a player in LaMelo Ball making his season debut. Without really knowing his minutes and if he was going to be limited, we stayed away from that game due to an unknown, but believe we will be playing anytime that same scenario happens from now on. With our NBA strategy currently hitting at 63%, we look to improve throughout the week and keep a positive streak going.

Published on November 13, 2022. 1:31am CST

Indiana Pacers vs. Toronto Raptors

Morning line where Fred VanVleet was questionable was Raptors +2. Fred VanVleet announced OUT - line moves to Raptors +3.

  • Pick - Raptors +3

  • Result - LOSS

  • Raptors lead early in the game but tired legs from a back to back prevail and lose at both numbers 118 - 104

Dallas Mavericks vs. Portland Trailblazers

Morning line where Jusuf Nurkic was questionable was Blazers +5. Jusuf Nurkic announced OUT - line moves to Blazers +6.

  • Pick - Blazers +6

  • Result - WIN

  • The market had just a slight over reaction here as the Blazers lose 117 - 112 while we capitalize and win instead of taking a push had we got the line before injury news.

Not a bad outcome for tonight, however, we could have been positive had we followed the strategy and laid the points with the Heat with all of the injury news going on in that game. We learn and move on to tomorrow as we already have injury news which will keep us busy throughout the day.

Season Record: 16 - 8 - 2

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